The supply chain meltdown will make holiday shopping messy this year. Here’s what you need to know. Expect delays, limited inventory and higher prices but, most importantly, start early A haulage truck passes stacks of shipping containers at the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands on Oct. 18. (Peter Boer/Bloomberg News)By Taylor TelfordOctober 21, 2021 at 9:01 a.m. EDT554 The pandemic is haunting the global supply chain and, by extension, shoppers. Two months out from the peak holiday shopping season, consumers are encountering empty storeshelves, rising prices and shipping delays that seem to stretch into oblivion. Container ships are clogging ports, awaiting cargo or unable to get past the gridlock to unload their goods. Some factories have gone dark, lacking raw materials and hands to run machines. Shoppers are beginning to fret: A third of the more than 5,700 people recently surveyed by Oracle, which provides cloud services for such large retailers […]

You Aren’t Lazy. You Just Need To Slow Down Ana Galvañ for NPR A surprising influence helped author Devon Price understand what’s wrong with closely associating our worth with our work. A pet chinchilla, Dumptruck. “He’s never been productive in his life,” Price says. The social psychologist and author of Laziness Does Not Exist says Dumptruck is pretty much the opposite of productive, and frankly, rather destructive. “I would never look at him and think of his life in terms of has he justified his right to exist? He’s not paying rent. He’s not performing any service. And it would be absurd to even think about his life in those terms,” they say. A pet chinchilla, Dumptruck, helped Devon Price realize that you don’t have to be productive to earn the right to exist.Devon Price “So I think animals help us remember that we shouldn’t have to earn our right to exist. […]

How do influencers make money? And how much? She’ll tell you Last summer, Lynette Adkins was a fresh college graduate starting a corporate career at Amazon that she thought would be her ticket to financial freedom — the kind that seemed out of reach growing up in her middle-class family. She lasted only a year. Today, 23-year-old Adkins earns double as a self-taught content creator what she made at Amazon Web Services marketing cloud products. In a crowded influencer market, she’s carving out a niche by turning the camera on herself in a way few others have: detailing how, exactly, to make good money and a sustainable career from having an online following. “I never see this kind of information about what people are making … what the true possibilities are as far as profits go when it comes to creating content,” Adkins said in a video posted in July […]

The privacy-first company’s invasive approach isn’t going over well with many. Apple, the company that proudly touted its user privacy bona fides in its recent iOS 15 preview, recently introduced a feature that seems to run counter to its privacy-first ethos: the ability to scan iPhone photos and alert the authorities if any of them contain child sexual abuse material (CSAM). While fighting against child sexual abuse is objectively a good thing, privacy experts aren’t thrilled about how Apple is choosing to do it. The new scanning feature has also confused a lot of Apple’s customers and, reportedly, upset many of its employees. Some say it builds a back door into Apple devices, something the company swore it would never do. So Apple has been doing a bit of a damage control tour over the past week, admitting that its initial messaging wasn’t great while defending and trying to better explain its […]

The real cost of Amazon “It’s like I’m risking my life for a dollar” — what the struggle Amazon workers face during the pandemic says about the future of work in America. At 5:30 every morning, Rosie, an Amazon worker at a fulfillment center in Staten Island, New York, checks her text messages to see if she’s received more bad news: yet another colleague infected with Covid-19, on top of the at least 50 people at her facility who she says have already gotten sick. As an older employee, Rosie is at higher risk of developing serious complications from the disease than many of her younger coworkers. Her two children beg her to quit. “It’s frightening, but you have to put on a smile and you go to work because you need the income,” Rosie, who is being identified by a pseudonym because she fears losing her job for speaking […]

INHERITANCE HIS NAME WAS EMMETT TILL In 1955, just past daybreak, a Chevrolet truck pulled up to an unmarked building. A 14-year-old child was in the back. The dentist was a few minutes late, so I waited by the barn, listening to a northern mockingbird in the cypress trees. His tires kicked up dust when he turned off Drew Ruleville Road and headed across the bayou toward his house. He got out of his truck still wearing his scrubs and, with a smile, extended his hand: “Jeff Andrews.” The gravel crunched under his feet as he walked to the barn, which is long and narrow with sliding doors in the middle. Its walls are made of cypress boards, weathered gray, and it overlooks a swimming pool behind a white columned house. Jeff Andrews rolled up the garage door he’d installed. Our eyes adjusted to the darkness of the barn where Emmett […]

Contents Jacques @ GCI European Markets Company We are checking your browser .. Gci Financial Customer Service Is GCI Financial a scam or legit broker? GCI Trading is a forex broker offering the MT4 and ActTrader forex trading top platforms. Most traders seek out brokers who can offer some level of safety and security for their investments within the highly volatile forex market. Forex brokers often lure new traders with offers of deposit bonuses. This can be useful, but it is essential to discern what the conditions are to really benefit from a bonus. I use everyday strategy so can evaluate company’s service very clear. Download thousands of free trading indicators and strategies for best results. Take the time to browse our preferred providers who offer premium indicators and trading strategies. Our funded trading section compares the best funded traders and funded brokers to start a trading account with […]

Via an unprecedented wave of lawsuits, America’s petroleum giants face a reckoning for the devastation caused by fossil fuels  Are you a fossil fuel industry insider? We want to hear from you About this contentChris McGreal After a century of wielding extraordinary economic and political power, America’s petroleum giants face a reckoning for driving the greatest existential threat of our lifetimes. An unprecedented wave of lawsuits, filed by cities and states across the US, aim to hold the oil and gas industry to account for the environmental devastation caused by fossil fuels – and covering up what they knew along the way. Coastal cities struggling to keep rising sea levels at bay, midwestern states watching “mega-rains” destroy crops and homes, and fishing communities losing catches to warming waters, are now demanding the oil conglomerates pay damages and take urgent action to reduce further harm from burning fossil fuels. But, even […]

People are drawing connections between Gates’s vast farmlands and climate change advocacy. Bill Gates might be a tech billionaire — but he and his wife Melinda French Gates, who are in the process of divorcing, are also two of the largest private farmland owners in the United States. Recent reports detailing the extent of Gates’s land ownership have prompted criticism from some environmental advocates and farmers, who say there seems to be a contradiction between his public environmental advocacy and his personal investment strategy. Others have speculated the farmland purchases may be a part of the billionaire’s overall climate efforts. Bill Gates has said there’s no connection, either way. But the new details on the purchases — and the discussion surrounding them — serve as an important reminder that billionaires can store their massive wealth in all sorts of unexpected places, and that there can often be a tension between their personal investments and their […]

Here’s how to (finally) let go of that grudge. We all know that letting go of a perceived slight is a lot better than harboring a grudge, but let’s be real here—forgiving someone can be very, very hard to do. However, holding onto all the times that someone has wronged you can have a negative effect on your health, and people who forgive others often report that they later feel happier, and even lighter, in a sense. In fact, a 2015 study on forgiveness and physical activity showed that when participants who remembered a time when they refused to forgive someone, they judged hills to be about 5 degrees steeper than those who recalled making amends. Forgivers also jumped an average of 3 inches higher in a fitness test than their still-bitter counterparts, suggesting that ill will can literally bring you down. Plus, when you hold a grudge, you tend to stew over it. This […]

When it comes to fetishes, it really is difficult to find the right choice without a CamSoda review. You can browse through products in a variety of types, and even choose which love-making you want to experience. However , in the event that you are looking for a more individual experience, the premium account is worth the investment. It is about with features such as remote device, messages with accounts, and private performances. Despite the sex-based site, you will still find a very good models on CamSoda. Users could also interact with every single various other by exchanging experiences and perhaps posting twitter posts. They can likewise post improvements on their statuses, which is practical for people who are always on the go. You can order a personalized handmade for any loved one to send during a pandemic or during function. This platform is safe and offers a variety of […]

People who work from home get fewer raises and promotions. But there might be a way to avoid the remote-work penalty. What really gets Wasserstrum’s goat is when people say no one should come into the office, because that would be more fair to the people who don’t want to come into the office. He said that although he wouldn’t fire someone for asking to work remotely full-time, SquareFoot is a real-estate company. “If somebody didn’t believe in the value of an office at least one day a week, they probably shouldn’t be at the company anyway,” he said. At a recent Wall Street Journal conference, WeWork CEO Sandeep Mathrani cheered cubicle life even louder, saying that the most “engaged” workers are those who want to work from the office most of the time. “People are happier when they come to work,” he added confidently. Perhaps you’re thinking that People are happier when they come […]

Online dating is certainly an activity by which single people meet other single people through the internet. The intention of online dating sites is typically to get yourself a romantic or perhaps sexual romance with a partner. The main benefit of online dating is certainly its anonymity, and that allows you contact hundreds, or even countless numbers, of philippines girl for marriage other lonely hearts at once. Luckily, the procedure is quite simple, and it is often quite entertaining. Below are the best reasons to test it out: Privacy and security: One of the better things about online dating sites is that it really is much safer than offline dating. In comparison with traditional seeing, it is very much easier to share sensitive information with someone you are not certain of. Some research have shown that people are more willing to give away info to their fits online. For example […]

A private web cam is a great way to engage customers. So many people are skeptical about webcams since they believe they shall be a hassle, and may possibly be zero real purpose to believe normally. However , with all the proper make, this type of cam can be very rewarding. Here are some tips to produce your webcam very popular: * Make use of secure authentication when conntacting customers over a public 1. Then, you may use your logon credentials to live private cam examine who is taking a look at your streaming coverage. A personal webcam is definitely one that does not screen its location. Most of them can be found in a home, exactly where anyone could find them. Yet, they’re not really secure and really should never be viewed simply by anyone. A few of them are attached to mobile devices. If you have one […]

When looking for a neighborhood adult cam, you can also try to find them by location. If you are in the Washington DC area, you may find cameras in Baltimore or Virginia. You may also manage to subscribe to a cam site in your state and find local cams at this time there. It’s easy to find local sex cams by simply location. These sites use secure encryption so that you do not have to worry about your personal privacy. Absolutely nothing wrong with meeting a nearby adult cam girl. It’s really a great knowledge, and you may even conclude creating a fan club. Even though you don’t fulfill Megan Sibel in person, it could definitely worth a shot. There are lots of reasons why regional adult webcams are so popular. Here are just a few: in the area produced video chat is more intimate, and the women who work […]