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This Custom Jordan 1 Comes With Python Hide And Sueded Crocodile Skin

Snakeskin sneakers usually border on the horribly tacky.  But, sometimes, it can be executed well enough that the result is just sublime.  That’s exactly the case with the Python + Sueded Croc Jordan 1.

Made by JBF Customs, the custom kicks don’t just use genuine red python hide, they come with sueded red crocodile accents, too.  The result is an absolute looker, making for a pair of shoes that’s bound to elicit impressed stares, whether you rock it on your feet or hang it up with the rest of the sneakers in your shrine rack.

The Python + Sueded Croc Jordan 1 is fully-reconstructed from a brand new unworn donor shoe, with the entire thing painfully crafted by hand.  Stitched to articulate every detail, it uses red python skin for the upper and sueded crocodile skin for the NIKE swoosh and heel, with metallic gold lambskin liners and matching metallic gold Aglit laces.  We’re not entirely sure how dope it will go with the rest of your everyday attire (snakeskin is always a toss-up), but it’s definitely going to be a stunning piece to show off in any sneakerhead collection.

Only six of the Python + Sueded Croc Jordan 1s will be made, with five of the slots now available for anyone who wants a custom order.  Price is $1,200, with a turnaround time of four months (yep, your shoes will take that long to finish).

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