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Nicshelle Farrow

Nicshelle Farrow is energetic and highly engaged in networking for communities at large. On any given day, she can be found working on a project. Nicshelle is highly valued for being creative at absorbing concepts and propelling them into production. Nicshelle is also a director on a non-profit organization founded in Las Vegas, Nevada named, Somebody’s Sunshine, and a videographer for another non-profit organization in California entitled, Heads Up Foundation Inc. She’s also the C.F.O. on the Watts Community Development Corporation in Watts, California.

Nicshelle has a Master’s Degree in Education Administration and Supervision and has been an educator over 20 years. Nicshelle is an author, educator, comedian, photographer, videographer, scriptwriter, editor, radio & television host, actress, motivational speaker, acting coach, entrepreneur, public relations’ professional, C.E.O of Journey To Stardom Productions, and the Education Director for the Universal Hip Hop Museum of the West Coast.


The Journey To Stardom Radio Show

August 2015 – Present  3 years 6 months

Inglewood, California

Live : Sundays 2pm-3pm… On and and and

Nicshelle Farrow, M.A.Ed, Pi Lambda Theta

Phone: 213-364-5306








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Actors’ Coach

GoDaWork Productions

April 2016 – Present  2 years 10 months

Strategic consulting. Filmmaker, editor, author, photographer, radio host, business analyst.


Central Casting

September 2011 – Present  7 years 5 months

Greater Los Angeles Area

When available I learn from television sets as a background actress as well as audition for speaking roles via Central Casting.

About the Author “Nicshelle Farrow”

Nicshelle Farrow is an author of two books thus far: Poems to Motivate and Inspiring Young Girls to Prosper. Her third book in publication is Journey to Stardom Productions, Smart, Broke, and Want to be a Star. Her goal is to inspire people to continue dreaming and working toward accomplishing their goals. She has a master’s degree in Education Administration/Supervision and is pursuing her doctorate degree in Education Instructional Leadership. Over her span as an educator, she has been a teacher for children and adults. Her experiences include teaching for a private K-12 school, elementary/high school public schools, charter schools, and as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher for adults. In addition, she is a mother of two daughters, an acting coach, an actress, and the owner of Journey to Stardom Productions. Her official website is

GoDaWork M.V.P.: Motivational Visual Poetry (Volume 1) Paperback– August 5, 2018 by Nicshelle Farrow M.A.Ed (Author) GoDaWork! Motivational Visual Poetry is a book of energy frozen in time. The GoDaWork M.V.P. book’s purpose is to assist every person on earth. The target audiences are people who aspire to be optimally efficient in purposeful and meaningful skills that help the world to be a better place. The other target audience support, people who are phenomenal educators, entertainers, as well as entrepreneurs, who strive for genuine success with a Godly Spirit.

What is a Blinker?: Use Blinkers #GoDaWork Kindle Edition by NICSHELLE FARROW (Author) Warnings are important. Details are important. Wouldn’t it be interesting if more people paid attention to small things like blinkers that in essence can have enormous effects and affects? This item: What is a Blinker?: Use Blinkers #GoDaWork

Poems to Motivate: Poems to Motivate:Poems to Motivate (Volume 1) Paperback – November 5, 2013 by Ms. Nicshelle Farrow (Author), Mrs. Cherise Roy (Author) Real-life scenarios and reflections are written into poems. The backstories give insight to what abstract poems don’t provide. Scan, find, and be mesmerized as you are truly entertained. This item: Poems to Motivate

Inspiring Young Girls to Prosper Kindle Edition by Cherise Roy (Author) Nicshelle Farrow (Author) This book is aimed to motivate and inspire young girls to make their dreams come true. This item: Inspiring Young Girls to Prosper

A Sentence that Evokes You To Go To Work!: Let’s GoDaWork!!! Kindle Edition by Nicshelle Farrow (Author) Have you ever thought about how sentences even just one sentence has evoked you to react? Imagine reading a sentence here and there and it improves your life and others because you made a connection to something as simple as a sentence.

Journey To Stardom: Smart, Broke, and Want to be a Star: Journey To Stardom: Smart, Broke, and Want to be a Star Paperback by Ms. Nicshelle A. Farrow (Author) Read about a journey to become a star and actual experiences that will move and inspire you. This item: Journey To Stardom: Smart, Broke, and Want to be a Star: Journey To Stardom: Smart, Broke, and Want to be a Star

GoDaWork Radio Show on the Go!!!

By GoDaWork Nicshelle Farrow

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