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Shadonj, Inc.

Would like to announce the hiring of Mr. Lorenzo Elvis Murphy as the New Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer to oversee day to day operation of it’s Entertainment division. Congratulation.

Mr. Lorenzo Elvis Murphy

The President and Host of Breaking The Cycle Of Hatred ” B.O.T.C.H.”

T25CL Galaxy Talk Radio – Compton Politics

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(Join in) Host: T25CL Galaxy Talk Radio – Lorenzo Elvis Murphy

Drummer , Musican

Lorenzo Elvis Murphy

Jack Dempsey and Elvis Murphy

It’s tough to say how long Jack Dempsey has been around, but early recordings suggest his musical career began on Maxwell Street in the mid-1970s. Back then, Dempsey was seen as a musical protégé by the greats of the Chicago blues scene. While forming his own unique sound that would later become known as “Dempsey Blues,” Jack traded licks and studied the likes of James Cotton, Buddy Guy, Greg Parker and Bo Diddley. Jack Dempsey (the band) is comprised of Dempsey on guitar and vocals, and Lorenzo “Elvis” Murphy on drums. Dempsey met Murphy in 1998 on a train platform in Yerma, California, after Elvis had been released from Lompoc Prison.

“No one knows too much about him. The only real glimpse of what he’s actually about are in the few quotes attributed to him, and those don’t really help either. The most famous Dempsey quote: ‘Everything you need to know about me is in my music, and none of it is true’ leaves you wondering if he’s trying too hard to be cool, or not enough.” – Technorati

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Teaser for the new animated video by Francesco Zano Zanotti Music by Jack Dempsey feat Elvis Murphy www.getjackdempsey.com

Film Producer, Cinematography

Gang Girl Series

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The Gang Girl Series. Based on the lifestyles of Female Gangstas, Girl Gang members. This Series give a true to life depictions of their lifestyle and stories of these Gang members lives. All interviews and filming was preformed by; Lorenzo Elvis Murphy.

This was a tremendous event. The first time the World Soccer came to Compton, Watts, CA. What a ground breaking event. Lorenzo Elvis Murphy out did himself when he brought this together. So, that being said check out the event. Look at the smile the fun the kids were having. They were exposed to something different, than basketball and baseball. The coaches were all the way from London, England. What a great day. Everybody won this day. All footage and interviews was done by Lorenzo Murphy.

The Business on Vimeo

The Business from Lorenzo Elvis Murphy on Vimeo.

Actor, National Consultant and Motivational Speaker


Tell your story with the help of documentary filmmaker Calvin Prude from Prude Pictures in Compton , California. Calvin can present your story by filming your vision from concept to completion. He gained invaluable experience as an independent filmmaker filming “The Freeway Boys Untold Story,” a documentary film that traces the development of one of the largest cocaine operations in Los Angeles history ran by drug kingpin Rick “Freeway”Ross. This documentary takes a closer look inside the inner workings of this cocaine operation.

FROM ROCK TO ROCK TOUR 2015 Lorenzo MurphhyComptonpolitics Murphy

From my lane, watching the creation of the brand, the man Lorenzo Elvis Murphy. It’s been inspirational to see Lorenzo “aka Big Zoe”, become who he is today. Watching Lorenzo speak and seeing the eyes of the children and adults wake up while listening to the words and analogies of the lifestyle he depicts. As he speaks of the negativity of life and shows how to reverse the flow of negativity to a positive is all inspiring. Same with his musicianship. Powerful drummer, it’s as though he make the drums speak there own language. The time is now to join in on the making of a Creator, Innovator, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Actor,Writer,Producer,Cinematographer,Video Editor, Community Intervention, Promoter just all round person to help heal the planet and create and awareness of healing. Introducing the Brand Lorenzo Elvis Murphy.