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         WE ARE CONSTANTLY GROWING AND IN SEARCH OF NEW IDEAS.  IF YOU HAVE SUGGESTIONS LET US KNOW BY EMAILING US AT support@shadonjinc.com or by leaving a comment. WE THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY. Make sure you sign in to our guest list. We respect your privacy.



          Shadonj Inc and its topcat entertainment agencies concert  promotion company under the direction of Donald Alexander with the intent to promote concerts across the U. S. while signing and developing talented artists whom it believes to posse’s long term commercial career potential. We will also license existing masters from established talent, profiting from such artists existing fan base. By capitalizing on vast industry experience and a proven track record of spotting talent, with more than (30) thirty years of managing, Donald Alexander combined with Donell Linwood have the ability to develop talent into a profitable and successful commercial product. Shadonj Inc’s  main focus and emphasis will be placed on locating and planning profitable concert venues.  our agenda also consists of discovering new artists by using our experienced techniques  and marketing within the music Industry. By licensing masters from existing talent and utilizing the artists fan base, this immediate income will provide a low risk venture yielding high reward generating early positive cash flow.


           Shadonj Inc. ear candy records division is in the process of licensing (1) one album of previously unreleased recordings of “L.T.D Group” which is scheduled for re-release soon as the lawyers can work out the details. Shadonj’s approach on licensing existing masters for a “bread and butter” income base builds upon the basic model of success other labels have achieved by signing re issues, which in many instances has subsequently taken away from their funding for new talent. We would like to balance this to benefit from both the solid, almost guaranteed income of established artists and the innovative profitability that new acts offer.

Recognize and Sign Successful Artists

          Signing successful artists is the direct result of management’s capacity to locate and recognize talent coupled with the perseverance to sign quality artists. An artist or band may have been able to prove themselves capable and a sound investment, by producing their own first CD and creating a club and performance generated fan base that illustrates their ability to stay together, further the artists ability to create popular music and their self motivation in committing to their project will make for a more sound investment for Shadonj. Shadonj will be searching for artists that must be driven to succeed. They must be gifted writers as well as live performers who exhibit the ability to persevere and to endure extensive touring, traveling and the pressures which go along with a career as a successful recording artist. These artists must be self- motivated and have created their own regional fan base. Shadonj will be able to give more attention to new bands due to their focused approach and personal relations with the bands. Shadonj will utilize the benefits of exploiting the licensing arrangements with existing talents to generate cash flow. Utilizing this strategy the company will then be able to break new acts into targeted markets yielding greater returns. This coupled with the plan to maintain low overhead budgets, using outside marketing, distribution and promotional companies. Shadonj intends to utilize its Acts’ regional fan base, coupled with live performances and radio airplay to Solidify their following. Management will continue to use this technique attempting to broaden the fan base, eventually reaching the level of national exposure, increasing record sales and consumer awareness.

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Manufacturing and Distribution

           D. James Alexander’s extensive career in the music industry have enabled him to develop strong working relationships with major labels,  which will prove a major factor in the distribution of Ear Candies digital releases. Shadonj’s Ear Candy Records division will have an Internet Web site, specializing in entertainment awareness. This will give users the ability to sample an Artists music, gain information regarding touring, as well as communicate with the artist; keeping fans in direct touch with their favorite band, artist and/or band member. With such early commitment to technological advances, Shadonj’s Ear Candy Records will be in the best position for Social Media marketing, distribution and digital music releases in the future.

Radio Airplay

          Radio Airplay is the most efficient and effective method of exposing an artist’s music to a wide consumer base. Ear Candy will utilize experienced independent radio promoters to gain radio airplay. These promoters have developed productive relationships with radio stations and have proven their ability to break new artists on commercial radio. Some of the techniques they use are ticket, album and merchandise give away on air performances, as well as in store performances Ear Candy will budget per release to independent radio promotion. Like touring, we will concentrate on regional markets with high intensity to efficiently break the Act. contact us at shadonj@shadonjinc.com

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Understand that marketing our business provides the ultimate return on our money.Work “on” our business, not “in” it. Only use direct-response marketing, not “institutional.” Communicate with our customers and clients regularly. Run simple low-cost or no-cost tests on every aspect of marketing to find our biggest sales appeal.

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Target our most ready-to-buy customers or clients first. Create a systematic, high profit back end. Always reverse the risk our customers feel before they buy our services.Outsourced Customer Support Give our reasons why our sponsoring of events will benefit, add value, and solve problems for the client. Always include testimonials or endorsements in all our marketing. Always think in terms of the customer or client’s “What’s in it for me? Fun- Relaxation” question. Implementing an effective cash flow plan. Achieving efficiency.

The words and thoughts of CEO of Shadonj, Inc. D. James Alexander


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