Gangster’s girlfriend is forced to have her head shaved as grim punishment for ‘cheating’ on him

The poor girl is forced to squat while a man takes a set of barber’s clippers to her long hair – then they mockingly place clumps of hair on head like a wig

A young woman is forced to have her head shaved as a bizarre punishment after she was accused of cheating in her gangster boyfriend.

The girl, dressed in shorts and a black top, is forced to squat and hold her head down while a man takes a set of barber’s clippers to her long hair.

The video, which is supposed to act as a warning to other women, was posted online by the Brazilian drug dealing gang.

It shows a chilling insight into their dark world of the drug cartel.

People shaving the woman’s head (Photo: CEN)

The shocking footage shows huge chunks of her black hair fall to the ground, as other gang members jeer and laughh in the background.

The girl, though, seems to accept her fate and makes no attempts to avoid the punishment.

Even when the clippers catch her left ear she barely finches.

After removing all her head hair, the man is then ordered to shave off both her eyebrows.

The centre part of the poor woman’s head is shaved away (Photo: CEN)

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Finally, the man then snatches up a handful of her clipped, thick locks and mockingly plants it on her bald head like a wig.

Another gang member, who had been issuing the orders, then hands her a mobile phone and orders her to make a call, believed to be to the man she cheated with.

Local experts say this type of warning punishment is common in drugs cartels across Brazil to publicly shame to anyone who breaks the rules.

The woman’s head is now completed shaven after the ordeal (Photo: CEN)

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