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You Aren’t Lazy. You Just Need To Slow Down Ana Galvañ for NPR A surprising influence helped author Devon Price understand what’s wrong with closely associating our worth with our work. A pet chinchilla, Dumptruck. “He’s never been productive in his life,” Price says. The social psychologist and author of Laziness Does Not Exist says Dumptruck is pretty much the opposite of productive, and frankly, rather destructive. “I would never look at him and think of his life in terms of has he justified his right to exist? He’s not paying rent. He’s not performing any service. And it would be absurd to even think about his life in those terms,” they say. A pet chinchilla, Dumptruck, helped Devon Price realize that you don’t have to be productive to earn the right to exist.Devon Price “So I think animals help us remember that we shouldn’t have to earn our right to exist. […]

How do influencers make money? And how much? She’ll tell you Last summer, Lynette Adkins was a fresh college graduate starting a corporate career at Amazon that she thought would be her ticket to financial freedom — the kind that seemed out of reach growing up in her middle-class family. She lasted only a year. Today, 23-year-old Adkins earns double as a self-taught content creator what she made at Amazon Web Services marketing cloud products. In a crowded influencer market, she’s carving out a niche by turning the camera on herself in a way few others have: detailing how, exactly, to make good money and a sustainable career from having an online following. “I never see this kind of information about what people are making … what the true possibilities are as far as profits go when it comes to creating content,” Adkins said in a video posted in July […]

The privacy-first company’s invasive approach isn’t going over well with many. Apple, the company that proudly touted its user privacy bona fides in its recent iOS 15 preview, recently introduced a feature that seems to run counter to its privacy-first ethos: the ability to scan iPhone photos and alert the authorities if any of them contain child sexual abuse material (CSAM). While fighting against child sexual abuse is objectively a good thing, privacy experts aren’t thrilled about how Apple is choosing to do it. The new scanning feature has also confused a lot of Apple’s customers and, reportedly, upset many of its employees. Some say it builds a back door into Apple devices, something the company swore it would never do. So Apple has been doing a bit of a damage control tour over the past week, admitting that its initial messaging wasn’t great while defending and trying to better explain its […]