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Social media has created a world in which everyone seems ecstatic – apart from us. Is there any way for people to curb their resentment? One night about five years ago, just before bed, I saw a tweet from a friend announcing how delighted he was to have been shortlisted for a journalism award. I felt my stomach lurch and my head spin, my teeth clench and my chest tighten. I did not sleep until the morning. Another five years or so before that, when I was at university, I was scrolling through the Facebook photos of someone on my course whom I vaguely knew. As I clicked on the pictures of her out clubbing with friends, drunkenly laughing, I felt my mood sink so fast I had to sit back in my chair. I seemed to stop breathing. I have thought about why these memories still haunt me from […]

What do scorn, hate, anxiety, shame, and regret have in common? According to David Hawkins, they may be killing us. It’s no secret that our emotions can play a significant role in our mental and physical health. But Hawkins, a psychiatrist and lecturer, theorizes that what we feel on a daily basis is a matter of life and death — at least on the cellular level. Hawkins’ theory is based on his recent finding that all emotions have a specific amount of energy. While Hawkins believes lower-energy emotions like anxiety and shame contribute to cell death, more positive states of mind like peace, joy, love, and reason can actually make us healthier. Powerful as our emotions may be, here’s the good news: we’re not victims of the feelings that negatively affect our lives. Research on neuroplasticity demonstrates that the human brain is more than capable of reorganizing itself. But where do we […]

Today we’ve got dozens of excellent deals on everything from games and toys to high-end electronics and accessories to help make this Independence Day a memorable one. Vizio D65x-G4 65-Inch 4K HDR Smart TV ($449.99) With a built-in Chromecast and hundreds of internet channels to stream from, this TV makes it easy to access all of your favorite videos online. The TV also supports a fast SoC with four CPU and four GPU cores. You can get it this 4th Of July from Walmart marked down from $698.00 to $449.99. Apple AirPods w/Charging Case ($144.99) What better way to celebrate your independence than with a pair of high-quality earbuds to help block out bothersome external noises and enjoy your music. You can get Apple’s AirPods this Independence Day from Amazon marked down from $159.00 to $144.99. Google Nest Hub ($79.00) Google’s Nest Hub is a versatile device that makes it […]